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The Creator Brand Bundle

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Is your brand restless yet independent and self-motivated?

Does your brand redefine freedom and take pride in building a product that has never been in the market before?

Is your brand in favor of experimenting regularly?

Is your brand too ambitious for the current market?

Is your brand not okay with compromising on the quality of your product?

Is your brand fond of new ideas, and does it believe in implementing them? Being a misfit?

Is your brand ambitious and bears the capacity to withhold innovation?

Creator Archetype’s customers are amazed by the ability to develop products that are equally beautiful and functional. They also feel inspired to try by themselves. They feel that their ideas are as good as others and are less afraid to express them.

These Bundles are for you is for if:

  • YOU need a complete branding package that won’t take you hours to set up.
  • YOU want to grow your community that loves and supports your biz. 
  • YOU need great graphics for Social Media that will make you stand out.
  • YOU want all of the above but to make it happen, you need a complete package that can do it all for you.

What's Included in the Bundle:

  • SM- Square (50)

  • SM- IG Story (50)

  • SM- Facebook Cover (3)

  • SM- Feature Photo (3)

  • Carousel Post (5)

  • Going Live Graphics (10)
  • Promo Graphics (15)

  • Infographics (15)

  • Video Wrappers (20)


Here's How It Works

1. Access Links: You instantly access the Canva Links through the PDF Download

2. Add Content: Add your content and change fonts and colors (if you want)

3. Edit Images: Replace the images with your images or stock photos 

4. Download PNG or JPG: Download your new Assets and let the world see and hear your mission and message