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1:1 Personalized Archetyping and Leveraging Call with Carrie

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Are you unsure which archetype is exactly you because you might be in between a few types or feel that have more than ONE archetype? Or are you looking to leverage who to truly use and leverage your brand archetype bundle to attract more clients but not sure how!! Let's jump on a call! 

Yes, that's because you do have two archetypes, your primary archetype explains who you are at a core level, and your secondary is your vehicle to get your message across and serve other people. 

This is where we get refined and specific on what type of UNIQUE combination you are!

If you need help nailing down the exact archetype and a combination of colors that involve two archetypes, you need to get a 1:1 personal session with Carrie because she will laser focus on you and your specific brand.

On this call not only will she share with you how to leverage your brand archetypes for yourselves she will help you understand the archetypes of your clients and how they make decisions and how best to communicate with them. 

Sign up for this super great offer, as normally,, Carrie charges thousands for her 1:1 work!